Friday, June 6, 2014

Yes I tried to find love...

Once my friend asked me "tell me about your love story..." I was glad that he thought that I must have a love affair. Even the consideration of my love story makes me blushing. But the time was like I must share something which is been with me ever since I know it. I decided to share my secret love story with my friend which was never happened... Though the love was there in my story but it was one sided...

So, let me tell you one thing this story may leave you thinking about me or you may just laugh out and will forget about it soon. Whatever! Let’s hear the story...

I was in fourth standard, I still remember, I was working on the most important topic of any "hero's" life ( I always considered myself as hero of my picture) so the important topic is LOVE-STORY!!! Yes! I always searched for the best suited face for my story since my childhood; so we're in my fourth std.. There was a girl in my class, she always scored higher than the other class so she checked my first criteria of being my heroine that - she must be intelligent. Then next thing I looked for she must be beautiful well she also checked this condition without any problem. It was may be because I always looked first for the intelligence which lead me to considerate that all intelligent girls are beautiful and vice versa. So, that girl was on my hit list. Now it was my duty to impress her with my attitude, doings and doing whatever I can to make her mine. But my love stories never been that way. I watched that girl throughout the year and kept observing (matter of fact I was observing her till the past year). I was supposed to express my feelings to her or at least I was supposed to make her know that I was also studying in her class. But I did nothing but observed until we separated... Yes we separated because the school we're studying was caught in act and was closed forever. I was not happy with leaving that school because I just found my "first" love and I didn't do anything yet. I was always afraid of going further in my love story because I didn't know how to dance, sing, whistle and all those things every lover will do for his love. So, I always kept my feet back.

Now, this type of love stories happened to me in every class. I always used the same method to find my "love" (the intelligent girl = beautiful and vice versa thing). As you can guess this logic could never helped me in finding my true love. In fact, nothing could help me unless I commit my love to someone I love but it was the impossible thing for me at that time (actually it’s still hard thing for me, I said hard thing instead of impossible because now I have the courage to commit my love but now its hard that’s all!) 

But I was missing the basic point that we may search for our desired partner but we'll fall in love with someone without intentions. I mean you all know the love philosophy from the movies. 

Somehow, after the school when I went to college. Something very different happened to, something which I never ever thought of... What was it?? Will tell you in next post. Till then, Thanks!

Rajkiran R.

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